Tools - Sound



User Activated

The user's media player will open. He has control and can turn it off by turning off his player.

Listen to Canada Eh



The music starts automatically when the page opens. The only way the user can turn off the music is to mute his sound. This is annoying for the user and you run the risk of him leaving your page entirely.


Wav Sounds

Wav sounds are relatively lossless suitable for use on a system where high fidelity sound is required and disk space is not restricted. Uncompressed wav files are quite large in size so this format has declined in popularity. Compressed wav files usually deliver a satisfactory sound.

Listen to an uncompressed wav file
Listen to the compressed wav file


Midi Sounds

Midis are synthesized sounds made to sound like music. There can be remarkable differences in the sound produced by a midi file, depending on the machine on which it is played. Midi files contain instructions that trigger sounds and depend on the users compter sound card to render it properly.

Listen to a midi file