Scripts - Message Scrollers




Marquees were developed by Internet Explorer and may not work in other browsers. They can have images, text or both. They can go in different directions. Marquees are created with html code. Other effects can be obtained using Java and Javascripts.

Basic Marquee
This is a basic marquee. By default the direction will go left.
Back and Forth
Which way do I go?
Colored Background


Mouse Over Stop Javascript Scroller

This smooth flowing marquee has some javascript code in it. The user can stop the scroll at any time simply by putting the mouse over it. This allows the reader to stop the scroll and read the content at their own speed. It also makes it great for adding links in the body of the scroll if desired.

Visit Dynamic Drive for great Javascripts.


One Line Mouse Over Stop Message Scroller

This scroller has a smooth flow with a mouse over stop.


Fading Message Javascript Scroller

This scroller fades in and out as it changes colour.
Distributed by Dynamic Drive

Kelowna Fire Page


HTML Scroller

This Scroller is done with HTML only. It may not work in all browsers.

This Marquee is browser sensitive and may not work properly in all browsers.

It is created using html only. The scroll is jerky. This can be avoided by using a javascript rather than html.

The lower the scrolldelay, the faster it moves.

You may also want to put the marquee inside a table to control the width thereby reducing the effect of the blank space.